As online shopping skyrockets, brick-and-mortar stores continue to close. And most consumers don’t even notice, according to new research from Sailthru.

While nearly 40 percent of consumers didn’t notice the 200 percent increase in store closures in 2017 and 36 percent said they don’t miss any of the retailers that closed, 51.7 percent said they think store closures have a negative impact on their neighborhood. But all isn’t lost.

“Retailers should take note—retail is not dead, but the old way of doing things is,” said Sailthru CEO Neil Lustig. “Retailers must build a competitive advantage at a time when legacy retail is in jeopardy by captivating their customers via the in-store experience as a facet of the overall customer journey. The goal should be to remain on the forefront of the shopper’s mind.”


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