Halsey is ready to rock the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

Not only is the pop star nominated for Top Female Artist and Top Selling Song for “Without Me,” but she’s now just moments away from joining the biggest K-Pop group in the world for an opportunity of a life time. In case you’re not a member of the BTS ARMY, the ride-or-die fanbase belonging to BTS, Halsey and the guys are set to hit the stage with a debut performance of their new single, “Boy With Luv.”

So is Halsey feeling any pre-show jitters?

For starters, the singer has not one but two performances tonight and she described the very different vibes we’ll see from her over the course of the evening.


The 24-year-old told E!’s Jason Kennedy and Tanya Rad exclusively on the red carpet, “The one with BTS is super fun and friendly. I think it shows our personalities a lot. I think a lot of people are really curious about the collaboration.”

She said of working with the K-pop group, “They’re from Korea and I’m from the States. We show that despite what seems like a language barrier is just kind of unimportant when it comes down to a bunch of young people who really love music. We just love hanging out and it really shows through.”

Her other performance of “Without Me” is going to be a bit different. “It’s a really dark and sensual performance,” she explained. “I’m really excited about it.”

Halsey also touched on her new music and album that she has in the works and how she wants it to affect her fans.


“When I sit down and listen to an album in full and think about one of my fans listening to it for the first time and I know they’re going to finish the last song and exhale. And they’re going to feel change. That’s how a good album should be.”

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