Fact: The women in most lingerie ads don’t look like the people who end up buying the underwear. (The way the internet freaked out over a Victoria’s Secret model’s stretch marks shows just how far the industry has to go.) That’s the reason we’re so thrilled with Curvy Kate’s #TheNewSexy campaign, which is all about diversity and inclusivity.

“Diversity is something the fashion industry has been guilty of disregarding, and few have appeared to challenge that,” the company said in a statement about the launch of the campaign. In 2016 runway shows, just one in four models were women of color, barely 4 percent were 50 or older, and a shockingly low 3 percent were plus size. #TheNewSexy finally shows these women sporting lingerie, and we hope it signals some bigger industry-wide changes around the corner. For now, let’s all just admire how real (and sexy) these photos are:


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